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Painting plants Ivy Jacobsen

Painting plants Ivy Jacobsen. Velvet Season, 2015

Velvet Season, 2015. Painting plants Ivy Jacobsen

Painting plants Ivy Jacobsen
Born in California, Ivy Jacobsen graduated from San Francisco State University and San Francisco Art Institute with Honors in 2001. For a semester, she studied art history Concentration in Paris.
Noteworthy, her paintings consist of many thin layers of oil paint, bronze powder, acrylic paint, resin, and other mixed medias on wood panel. Numerous translucent layers create the illusion of depth while trees and plants occupy different locations in the foreground and background. Meanwhile, Ivy gets inspiration from plant study, her daily walks in the neighborhood, the study of botanical illustrations, and her knowledge of plants and their life cycles. Ivy Jacobsen is a permanent participant of art exhibitions held mostly in California. In 2014 the artist moved to Santa Cruz, California with her husband and their two children.

Painting plants Ivy Jacobsen. Anise No. 42, 2011

Anise No. 42, 2011. Painting by California based artist Ivy Jacobsen

Painting plants Ivy Jacobsen