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Boris Kolesnikov Jewelry art

Ring 'Tap'. Silver, gold. Boris Kolesnikov Jewelry art

‘Tap’ ring. Silver, gold. Boris Kolesnikov Jewelry art

Boris Kolesnikov Jewelry art
Russian artist, jewelry designer Boris Kolesnikov creates one of a kind jewelry, art pieces – you have never seen before. Born in 1970 in the city of Yaroslavl, Kolesnikov graduated from the Krasnoselsk artistic metalworking School in 1993. A member of the Union of Artists of Russia since 1998.
According to the artist, he made his first works during his studies at the Art School. With them he participated in the most prestigious at the time, “an exhibition of contemporary jewelery art” in Moscow (Museum of Applied Arts). Since then, he was a regular participant of Russian and international exhibitions of jewelry and enamel art.

Brooch 'Nocturne'. Artwork by Russian jeweler Boris Kolesnikov

‘Nocturne’ brooch. From a series of jewelry ‘Closer to Nature’, handmade ​​entirely of precious metals and stones. 2010 collection. Repeated winner of Russian and foreign exhibitions. Gold, pearl, sapphire, diamonds

In his early career, the artist became interested in beauty and simplicity of nature and man. Thus, he created a series of works – brooch “Fish”, “Cat on the window”, “House”, etc. On simple and vivid images, he honed his performing skills, looking for new forms of jewelry art. All this helped to open new pages in the modern art of jewelry.

One of the main principles in the work of Boris considers freedom, which is regarded as a free action in goodness and beauty. Therefore, the main driving force behind the creation of any work for him is: Freedom of choice and Freedom of perception.

Today, the jeweler is working on a more complicated way. Now he is interesting not only in the object itself, but also what is happening to it. Creativity tends to associative thinking. He applies complex shapes, combination of different techniques and methods of metal processing. And the result is awarded. A series of necklaces “Four Elements” was awarded a special prize “The most elegant decoration of the Year” at the exhibition “Jeweller-99.” Series of rings “Memories” became the prize-winner of the contest “Golden constellation” in 2001. A series of works “Features of the ancient hunting” won in the “Jewellery Olympus-2000”.

Boris has received numerous certificates and prizes at various jewelry shows annually – Diploma in the category “Jewellery made ​​of precious metals” for a series of brooches, “Fish”, “Petersburg Jeweler 1997”, in St. Petersburg. Diploma in the category “Jewellery made ​​of precious metals” for the necklace “Space Echo”, St. Petersburg, “People’s Choice Award” for the series necklace “Winter”, “The most elegant decoration of the Year” for a series of necklaces “The Four Elements”, Diploma of the National competition jewelry design “Golden Constellation” for a series of rings “Memories” 2002, Moscow. The list of awards includes “Yaroslavl exhibition of jewelry”, 2002, “Jewellery Olympus” 2005, 2008, 2009 in St. Petersburg.

Boris Kolesnikov Jewelry art