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Illustrator Boris Diodorov

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Illustration to Hans Christian Andersen. Illustrator Boris Diodorov

Gerda in the flower garden. Hans Christian Andersen’s ‘The Snow Queen’. Illustrator Boris Diodorov

Illustrator Boris Diodorov
People’s Artist of Russia, professor of Moscow State University of Printing, Boris Arkadievich Diodorov is an outstanding children’s book illustrator whose works – remembered for a lifetime. In particular, children in many countries love his illustrations of Andersen’s fairy tales.
Noteworthy, in 2001, Boris Diodorov received the Grand Prix of Hans Christian Andersen from the hands of Princess of Denmark. Nominated for the Gold Medal of Andersen in 2000, he won the Grand Prix of Andersen in Odense in 2001. Besides, he received an honorary diploma on Andersen’s 50-year anniversary in 2002. And in 2003 he became president of the fund of Andersen in Russia. Besides, in 2005, Denmark granted him the honorary title of “Ambassador of Andersen in Russia”.

Illustrator Boris Diodorov, Hans Christian Andersen

Devil’s mirror. Fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen’s ‘The Snow Queen’. Illustrator Boris Diodorov

Boris Arkadievich Diodorov was born in 1934 in Moscow. In 1960 he graduated from Moscow State Art Institute named after Surikov. Diodorov is the People’s Artist of Russia, Member of the Union of Artists of Russia, Professor, Head of Department (2003-2006), head of the creative workshop of illustrations and prints (2006-2013) of the Faculty of Graphic Arts (from 2013 Institute of graphics and art books), artistic director of the center of the art of printing “Printing House of Ivan Fedorov” (2013) of Moscow state University named after Ivan Fyodorov.

According to the artist he became envolved in book illustrations in 1958. He is fluent in the unique technique of etching with aquatint and watercolor. For more than 50 years Boris Diodorov has illustrated more than 300 books, including works of H.C. Andersen, S. Lagerlof, S.T. Aksakov, Ivan Turgenev, Leo Tolstoy and others.

Russian artist Boris Diodorov is the permanent participant and winner of the All-Union, national and international art exhibitions. Also, his solo exhibitions took place in Russia, France, Germany, USA, Denmark, Japan, and Finland.

Boris Diodorov worked as chief designer of the publishing house “Children’s Literature” collaborating with publishers in Russia, USA, France, Spain, the Republic of Korea and other countries. His works are in the State Tretyakov Gallery, the Museum of Fine Arts named after A.S. Pushkin, the Slovak National Gallery (Bratislava) and other public and private collections in Russia and abroad.

Illustrator Boris Diodorov