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GAV Traugot illustrations

Decorative plate GAV Traugot illustrations

Decorative plate ’69’. GAV Traugot illustrations

GAV Traugot illustrations
First of all, the abbreviature GAV emphasizes the unity of creative spirit of three artists. In particular – George Traugot (1903-1961), Alexander Traugot (b.1931) and Valery Traugot (June 23, 1936, Leningrad – October 5, 2009, Saint-Petersburg). Alexander Traugot still signs his work “GAV Traugot” in memory of his brother and father, his main teacher. In 2012, the Marble Palace of the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg hosted the exhibition “The Traugot Family. George Traugott, Vera Yanova, Alexander and Valery Traugot”. It consisted of art works – drawing, painting, porcelain and sculptures created by two generations of the family of St. Petersburg artists.

Decorative plate 'Theater'

Theater, Porcelain plate

The artworks by GAV Traugot include the paintings on porcelain, sculpture, and book illustrations. Since the 1950s, the brothers and their father became involved in book illustration. Here, they got most fame and public recognition – awards, diplomas, and honors. In particular, the artists illustrated the works of H.C. Andersen, the Brothers Grimm, AS Pushkin
NV Gogol, Charles Perrault, W. Hauff, IV Goethe, MA Bulgakov, and others. In general, the artists executed about 400 publications with a total circulation – more than 80 million copies.

During the life of the father brothers began to work in ceramics. “Working in the painting – akin book illustration. Although necessary to solve more formal task – to organize image so that it fits into a rounded shape of sculptural ceramic cups, plates, dishes and vases”. The synthesis of the arts in these works has opened up new opportunities for the artists.

Works by G.A.V.Traugot are in high demand worldwide. They decorate the museum of Andersen in Odense (Denmark), in the Czech Republic, Germany, Japan and other countries. And also kept in museums of St. Petersburg, Moscow (including – the Tretyakov Gallery), and other cities in Russia. In addition, they are in exquisite private collections in Europe, the US and Israel.

GAV Traugot illustrations