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Love mineral Rhodochrosite

Love mineral Rhodochrosite

Red color semi-precious stone. Love mineral Rhodochrosite

Love mineral Rhodochrosite
One of the oldest gemstones known to mankind, Rhodochrosite is a semi-precious mineral appearance and markings reminiscent of rhodonite. Their similarity is due to the presence of the chemical formula of the same element manganese, caused by the appearance of a beautiful and stable color from pink to crimson. And this, in particular, reflects the title of the stone, from the Greek “Rhodes” – “Rose”.
Rhodochrosite has a glassy luster. Depending on the impurities that have been the formation of rhodochrosite, the stone may appear in shades of gray, yellow, brown, greenish colors. In the world there are many places of extraction of the mineral – Mongolia, Afghanistan, Argentina, Australia, Germany, Russia (the Urals and Trans-Baikal).

Love mineral Rhodochrosite

From pink to red. Love mineral Rhodochrosite

In different parts of the world, independently from each other, whether the Indians of South America or citizens of Mongolia, they all used the main quality that Rhodochrosite endows. The ability to induce love. According to belief, the owner of this gem will receive the joy of filling the soul with the energy of life.

Meanwhile, the astrologists recommend Rhodochrosite to Gemini and Libra. However, any Zodiac Sign can enjoy the properties of semi-precious mineral.

As a jewel, Rhodochrosite appeared only in 1950. Jewelers noticed the extraordinary sophistication of Rhodochrosite. Wonderful pink and pale red faceted stones – sometimes their mass reaches 5.10 carats! Noteworthy, the best in the world, but very expensive Rhodochrosite is from Colorado.

In the international market, some samples of Rhodochrosite may cost even more than gold of equal weight! Collected samples are usually large, and they show expressiveness and beauty of the mineral.

Like many beautiful stones, Rhodochrosite is often the subject of counterfeit. And most often it is just a stone of onyx – dyed in crimson, or very cheap pale tint of rhodochrosite. Structure of calcium is also very similar to the Rhodochrosite, however, it gives only the fragility. In addition, fake Rhodochrosite demonstrates too bright color. However, if the bright color is natural, it costs a lot of money.

Known since ancient times as Inca Rose, Rhodochrosite was sacred for the Incas. They believed that rhodochrosite – is the blood of the ancient rulers, turned into stone. Meanwhile, in India, people appreciated it not only for its beauty but also for the magical properties. According to belief, the stone awakens the hidden talents in man, develops a love for creativity, to all refined and beautiful.

Interestingly, Indian astrologers believe Rhodochrosite is the messenger of higher powers. It helps people awaken love for life, for himself, and to lower the strength of spirit in the physical body. Soft pink vibrations penetrate the aura charging as subtle and physical body.

Meanwhile, Mongolians call their Rhodochrosite found in the Gobi Desert, “the stone of dawn.” Gobi gem – clean and soft pink is truly similar to dawn, symbolizing the birth of a new day, and a new beginning. That’s why this gem decorates the wedding palace in Ulan Bator.

Eastern healers prepared from rhodochrosite special elixir for the treatment of cancer and liver. With this stone even treated eye diseases, strengthen the weak eyesight. In this case, the small stone pieces or plates attached around the eye.

Credited with many medicinal properties, Rhodochrositeit purifies the blood and removes toxins from the body. Besides, cleanses the skin of acne, revitalizes mental activity and maintain a positive attitude. Also, eases asthma and helps with respiratory diseases.

Rhodochrosite is really a powerful stone. Stone impact is such that it is deeply and often unexpectedly changes the emotional aspect of man, it gives vital energy. As a mascot decoration rhodochrosite brings success, recognition and marital happiness. Animal figure carved from this stone will bring peace and prosperity to the house of its master, as well as home will be protected from negative energy from outside.

Love mineral Rhodochrosite