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Miniaturist artist Salavat Fidai

Mini copy of the paintings of Van Gogh on the boxes of matches

Mini copy of the paintings of Van Gogh on the boxes of matches. Miniaturist artist Salavat Fidai

Miniaturist artist Salavat Fidai
When 42-year-old Salavat Fidai left the large trading company he became … a freelance artist. According to him, he was just tired from the office. So, he moved with his family to the village, where he organized a workshop and began to create. As a child Salavat was fond of woodcarving, thanks to his parents, professional artists and teachers. In particular, his mom taught fine arts for children, and his father was the director of a correctional school. Of course, they instilled in Salavat a love for art. Although he wanted to enter the art Institute but failed, and studied to become a lawyer. Once, jokingly, he painted a portrait of Van Gogh on a matchbox. And for instance, art captivated him again. First, he began painting miniatures on pumpkin seeds, then sunflower seeds, and on a grain of rice. By the way, it takes Salavat from 6 to 12 hours of hard work to carve a miniature sculpture on the tip of a pencil. Today, works by Salavat Fidai are known to art collectors worldwide.

Miniaturist artist Salavat Fidai

Running girl

Sifnos. Greece. (Running girl) size 30x40cm oil. Color interpretation of famous photos of Henri Cartier-Bresson. Miniaturist artist Salavat Fidai. The painting is in a private collection.

For such a small and hard work the artist uses a large magnifying glass, cutter and thin brush. “in every job I invest part of my soul. At the moment, I carved out about 40 pencils. For one carving I spend from 6 to 12 hours. Particularly complex sculptures take 2-3 days, with breaks. Painting on seeds takes 3-4 hours, although I painted mini-replica of “Red vineyards” by Van Gogh for 3 days”.

Salavat Fidai was born in 1972 in the village of Iglinsk district of Bashkotarstan, Russia.

Miniaturist artist Salavat Fidai