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Sand artist Joe Mangrum

Sand artist Joe Mangrum. Stunning sand painting by American artist

Colorful street art installation by Sand artist Joe Mangrum

Sand artist Joe Mangrum
New York based artist Joe Mangrum studied painting at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. The art portfolio of Joe Mangrum consists of installations, paintings, prints and sculpture. However, Joe Mangrum became best known for his colorful sand mandalas. According to Joe Mangrum, he first picked up colored sand as a medium in 2006. Meanwhile, he turned his kaleidoscopic images into a 4 dimensional painting, interacting with viewers.
And now, handsome and talented street artist exhibits his artworks worldwide. In particular, in Red Gate Gallery in Beijing, Museum of Arts and Design in NYC, Natural World Museum in Copenhagen, de Young Museum of San Francisco, The Corcoran Gallery Rotunda in Washington DC, etc. Noteworthy, he has created more than 500 public sand-paintings since 2009.

Sand painting by American artist Joe Mangrum

Closeup. Sand painting by American artist Joe Mangrum

Joe Mangrum’s paintings – spontaneously improvised, using colorful sand, poured directly from his hands. “They are about inter-connectivity, reflected in a mash-up of visual cues, inspired by ancient traditions, yet executed in an urban free-style combined with “Pop” color. Shapes I create are inspired by the natural world of undersea creatures or carnivorous plants charged with electrical impulses and altering our DNA. Visually I combine elements from contemporary art, culture and technology to find the common ground from which to communicate our collective interdependence moving into the 21st century”.

Sand artist Joe Mangrum