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Batik artist Irina Kazimirova

Painting on silk by batik artist Irina Kazimirova

Angel. Painting on silk by batik artist Irina Kazimirova

Batik artist Irina Kazimirova
Traditionally, hand-painted silk shawls, scarves, dresses, or anythins look charming, if they are unique and made by a talented master. For example, like Irina Kazimirova. Her batik, stands on a par with the works of classical art painting. Irina Kazimirova’s work – well known among artists and professionals of decorative art. She is a member of the Union of Artists of Russia and the International Association of Art IAA-UNESCO. The latest personal exhibition of Irina Kazimirova “In search of harmony” was the seventh solo exhibition of the artist. In addition, her exhibitions took place in Moscow, Erfurt, Paderborn (Germany) and Calcutta (India). Irina Kazimirova participated in more than 30 exhibitions in Moscow, Yaroslavl, Vladimir, Kostroma, Kazan, Milan, and Luxembourg.

Painting on silk by batik artist Irina Kazimirova

Breakfast in the field, detail. Painting on silk by batik artist Irina Kazimirova

Born in the city of Ivanovo, the textile capital of Russia, Irina Kazimirova graduated from the Ivanovo Chemical Technology College in “fabrics design”. After graduating in 1974, she began working in the authors’ group of Ivanovskiye artistic workshops of the Art Fund of the Russian Federation. In particular, she worked on painting shawls, soaking up the best traditions of painting on fabric, which Ivanovo land is so rich with.

Talented colorist Irina Kazimirova creates not just panels (batik). According to critics, this easel art has an independent nature and don’t present directly decorative, utilitarian purpose.

World of illusions and fantasies – the basic theme of Irina Kazimirova. In her works she creates a perfect world in which you want to dive and stay in it. Fairy, flower, elegiac scenes attractive by its intricate composition, fine color harmony, and a sense of childishness. Objects that surround us, as if reincarnated come to life, sometimes acquiring the joking nature, due to the presence of the grotesque and fairy tales. Works made by the artist, Filled with kindness and joy.

Having absorbed the best traditions, she was able to create a new image in her works. World of illusion and fantasy – that’s the main theme of creativity of Irina Kazimirova. The artist performs ornate, elegant line, subtle color harmony of fairy tales in batik.

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