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Batik paper painting by Anna Petrova

Bear's dreams. Dandelions. Painting by Anna Petrova

Bear’s dreams. Dandelions. Batik paper painting by Anna Petrova

Batik paper painting by Anna Petrova
Talented artist from the city of Bryansk, Russia works in her author’s “batik paper” technique. She is the owner of her Art studio called “Warm space”. Unfortunately, there isn’t much information about the artist. However, that’s what she writes about herself: “I love living textured paper, especially natural handmade paper. I like to listen to it, it tells about itself, reveals its secrets, and allows us to find a new image. Drawing can be called an attempt to revive the paper, each sheet is unique, each of them – has its own story … I like to draw for kids, small children with their little world and warm atmosphere of faith in a miracle”.

Autumn good bye

Autumn good bye. Painting by Anna Petrova

Batik paper is a very interesting material for creativity. Simulating unevenly dyed fabric, this paper is very suitable for intuitive drawing, when intersection and imposing tone spots, chaotic lines and strokes give birth to images and visions. This is the beginning of drawing. Like monotypes, each individual sheet of paper is unique, there is no similar one.

Batik paper painting by Anna Petrova