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CD art and crafts

CD art and crafts Lizard in Madrid, Spain

Lizard in Madrid, Spain. CD art and crafts

CD art and crafts
Starting to slowly go out of fashion, CDs have become a material for creating various art objects. Now we can download a music directly on the phone or watch a movie that we would like to see on a flash drive. Memory is becoming much greater than the memory of disk. And if you have a few dozen CDs around the house, do not rush to throw them away, as they can live a second life. Just have a look at what your unwanted discs, thanks to the creativity of craftsmen turn into. From one-of-a-kind Christmas ornaments to glamorous plates and clocks. There are creative ideas and ways to recycle the pile of your old CDs. However, keep your head up and be careful – don’t cut CDRs, as the incredients are toxic.

Elvis Presley Don't be cruel. Images of iconic musicians of CD-drives

Elvis Presley Don’t be cruel. Images of iconic musicians of CD-drives

Italian artists, 29-year-old Mirco Pagano and 25-year-old Moreno De Turco are the authors of an unusual art project – they have created iconic images of singers and musicians, using CD-drives.
Remember the days when we had shelves full of CDs with music, movies, and back-ups of our more-important-than-life files? If you haven’t thrown them away yet, this list is for you!

Artist from Britain Bruce Monroe found a way to give a second life to outdated CDs. He uses them for decorating reservoirs: The giant leaves of the CDs look great on the surface of the water and look like lily pads.

CD art and crafts