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Luigi Benedicenti delicious realism

Luigi Benedicenti delicious realism

Still life. Luigi Benedicenti delicious realism

Italian artist Luigi Benedicenti has created hyper realistic paintings of delicious food – from cakes and berries to fruits and ice-cream. Luigi was born in 1948 and since the late 60s completely devoted his life to the movement of “realism.” For his work, he chose the theme of food. Looking at the colorful still life works of the artist, hard to believe that they are actually drawn, not photographed. Luigi Benedicenti graduated from Turin art school. The viewers were delighted with his first shown works, and his first exhibitions were a great success.

A plate of pasta

A plate of pasta. Luigi Benedicenti delicious realism

The talented artist continued to paint, but avoided performing in exhibitions. Only in the early 90’s Luigi Benedicenti started to participate in group and solo art exhibitions. At the moment, hyper realistic paintings by Luigi Benedicenti are widely known throughout world, and his show is always accompanied by a huge popularity. The artist tries to convey in his work all the excitement and feelings he experiences every day, living in a small town in Italy, among his family and friends.

Luigi Benedicenti delicious realism