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Russian Matryoshka art

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Russian Matryoshka art

Troika. Russian Matryoshka art

First of all, Russian Matryoshka art is a tribute to the Russian culture. Indeed, handpainted doll with a Russian soul is the great cultural heritage of the country. However, Wooden Matryoshka dolls are famous not only because they can be put into each other like boxes for gifts. Each Matryoshka doll has a unique face and even character. According to one legend, these dolls appeared two thousand years ago, and are mentioned in the ancient Indian epic. And, then, to paint the dolls manually started during the time of the Trojan War. According to another legend, if you put a wish note into it, it will come true.

Matryoshka 'Klimt'

‘Klimt’ painted by Russian artist Gurina

A unique work of art, Matryoshka “Klimt” includes five seats, created on the paintings of a talented artist Gustav Klimt – the founder of Art Nouveau in the Austrian painting. He gave most important place in his works to the female body with erotic overtones. The first matryoshka reproduction of one of his most famous paintings “The Kiss”. Golden background and symbols reminiscent of the Byzantine mosaic seen by Klimt during his trip to Italy. On the second – Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer, she’s “Golden Adele” or “Austrian Mona Lisa.” One of the most significant paintings of Klimt and Austrian art nouveau in general. Next – a fragment of the painting “The Three Ages of Woman” – a young woman with a sleeping baby in her arms – worldly Madonna immersed herself in a condition similar to sleep. In the fourth matryoshka – reproduction of acclaimed painting “Judith”, which offended the Jewish bourgeoisie and the people of the Christian faith. And the final, fifth, the smallest matryoshka reproduces element of panels, located in the dining room of the Stoclet Palais.

Russian Matryoshka art


Summer – the time when nature blooms, when the sun generously gives us its rays everywhere – where chirping birds, fragrant flowers, foliage is green. Author doll of series “Summer” is dedicated to this wonderful time of the year and made so impressively that even in the cold of winter, we can feel the warm breath of summer breeze. Five dolls in traditional Russian costumes. Their faces express the beauty and charm of Russian women. Nesting dolls are made with flair and love.

Russian Matryoshka art


“Landscape” Matryoshka devoted to the various seasons of the year. Matryoshka of five seats begins with a beautiful winter sunset, passes into the spring flood, continued with hot summer day, reveals the beauty of the autumn sunset and ends with the story of the winter woods. Excellent painting, saturated colors, the amazing beauty and emotions arising in the contemplation of the author’s doll “Landscape”.

Russian Matryoshka art

Russian Matryoshka art St. Basil

St. Basil Matryoshka dolls

“St. Basil” matryoshka consists of five seats and is made according to the traditional technology. At the largest matryoshka portrayed the famous monument of Russian architecture – Saint Basil’s Cathedral – an Orthodox church, located on Red Square in Moscow. In the four kinds of smaller Matryoshka Kremlin wall and Red Square in different ways. Matryoshka “St. Basil’s Cathedral,” painted by the artist Zabotina, a high level of skill, subtlety of painting, rich colors, unique style.

Russian Matryoshka art

Russian troika

Matryoshka 'Moscow'


Russian Matryoshka art

Matryoshka ‘Moscow’

Russian Matryoshka art

‘Red Domes’

Matryoshka 'Winter Landscape'

‘Winter Landscape’