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Miniature Felted birds by Natalia Linkova

Titmouse. Miniature Felted birds by Natalia Linkova

Titmouse. Miniature Felted birds by Natalia Linkova (Asunta)

Miniature Felted birds by Natalia Linkova

Russian artist of applied art Natalia Linkova (Asunta) shows both – her artistic skills and good knowledge of ornithology. Natalia Linkova lives in the southern city of Feodosia, in Crimea. According to her, she has been creative since childhood. As the artist writes on her website “I have always remembered myself with materials for creative work in my hands – scraps, beads, paint, canvas, thread, and so on. And I am happy that now there are even more possibilities, materials and knowledge, and there is no limit for perfection! There is something to strive for, there is so much to learn! I love what I do! And I only do what I love!”.


Opolovnichek. Felted miniature bird by Russian artist of applied art Natalia Linkova

Do you know how many names this little bird has? Peacock, pheasant, Pukhlyak, demoiselle, chumichka, vinogradka (grape eater), long-tailed tit, demoiselle, longtail slepukh. It got its main name Opolovnichek (kitchen soup spoon) because from a distance it looks like a small round kitchen spoon with a long narrow handle. In the XIX century birders considered it the most beautiful of the small birds and called it “apollonovka.”

And here is what the talented master writes about some species of birds.

“Birds – amazing creatures of nature! Conquering the sky and water, deserts and ice, they are faithful companions of man. They bring their spring song, and their departure means autumn and sad feelings. There are thousands of species, and they are amazingly diverse! So, I have a lot of work ahead”. Natalia Linkova

About Sparrows. “Of the many species are the most interesting to me were the representatives of sparrows. They are familiar to even the most distant from the Ornithology people, and found throughout the city. They are recognizable, and I tried to make them as realistic as possible. The main idea was to make them in natural size and appearance. This is the main approach in her work”.

Bullfinch – red-chest decorated handsome bird. However handsome are only males. But bullfinch – not only the beauty and pride of our forests – it is also a gallant, who can learn many birds. The Bullfinch male, whether it is very hungry, first offers the best bunches of rowan bullfinch to the female.

Moskovka (black tit tit) (lat. Periparus ater, also used formerly Parus ater) – small mobile Tit bird. Color, especially black cap of feathers on its head and white cheeks, resembles a big titmouse, but it differs by the smaller size, more compact physique and pale plumage of the rest of the body.

Miniature Felted birds by Natalia Linkova