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Multimedia artist Federico Uribe

Pencil painting by Colombian Multimedia artist Federico Uribe

Made from pencils painting by Colombian Multimedia artist Federico Uribe

Multimedia artist Federico Uribe
Born in Bogota, Colombia, Federico Uribe has not created any traditional painting or sculpture. For his entire artistic career this author all the time is inclining to non-standard materials for creativity. He observes them with care, collects them, sets them side by side and combines them. Meanwhile, the everyday objects turn into real piece of art. And we can only admire such a flight of thought and imagination by Federico Uribe. Indeed, not everyone has such ability to go beyond the modest earthly fantasies. However, if you have one and develop it, you can achieve incredible success. According to Colombian artist, this is the purpose of using laces in creative ways, turning them into masterpieces of modern art, not to leave any spectator indifferent.

From the series 'Color Constuido', pencil and painting collage

From the series ‘Color Constuido’, pencil and painting collage by Multimedia artist Federico Uribe

“I have the hope, that people who relate to my sculptures and live with them, will see the love I put into them. Also, I want people to feel that I do this with a lot of careful attention and the purpose of beauty. I give my life to my work and I want people to see it.” Federico Uribe

The creativity of the author is experimental, because looking at his work, one might get the impression that he was not serious. As if he plays folding, twisting and shifting hundreds of multi-colored shoelaces, forming of them funny faces, images, and figures.

Federico Uribe studied art at the University of Los Andes in Bogota. In 1988 he left for New York to continue studying art. Then he studied and worked in Cuba, Mexico, Russia, England and finally Miami, where he lives and works now. His artwork resists classification. Rooted in the craft of sculpture and paint, it rises from intertwining in all possible and surprising ways, but still with a formal reference to the history and tradition of classical art.

Multimedia artist Federico Uribe