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American contemporary Pencil artist Jerry Winick

Black and white Brooklyn

Black and white Brooklyn. Pencil artist Jerry Winick

Pencil artist Jerry Winick

American contemporary artist uses a pencil, the same as a painter uses a paintbrush. He has taken the art of pencil drawing to new heights. His magnificent paintings are so realistic that the audience do not immediately realize that everything is made with an ordinary pencil on paper. Jerry Winick teaches drawing in his own Pencil works Studio, has many well-deserved awards (more than 300). His works are in private collections and some museums in New York City. The artist has been drawing for most of his life.


Portrait of Actor Robert De Niro. Pencil artist Jerry Winick

Most interesting is that his studio – is not a boring conservative school, but a small family business, working on several fronts. First of all, it is the very training Image Source (pencil, watercolor, oil) for adults and children. Secondly, Framing Workshop, in the third place, printing services, mostly for printing posters from the originals of the artist. And fourthly, the studio holds fun events for children and adults.

Any child can celebrate his birthday here with friends. Judging by the photos from the website, this event takes place in a fun and very creative atmosphere. Adults are engaged in what is called a “team-building” creating small masterpieces.

Contemporary Pencil artist Jerry Winick