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Diane Varner daily walks

Between the spaces of eternity. Diane Varner daily walks

Landscape from series “Between the spaces of eternity”. Diane Varner daily walks

Diane Varner daily walks
Her beautiful photographs touch the most secret, deep soul strings. Diane Varner works are so precise and beautiful, and wonderfully reflect the time, experience, look, and the movement. And we want to watch her photographs for hours, pausing in the ringing silence of inexpressible beauty, caught in the frame. The striking simplicity and richness in this simplicity. It all started with the daily walks with her dog and a camera. Of course, it all started a little earlier. Diane started her career as an artist doing painting. As she talks about herself in an interview her creative formation was influenced by few people, and above all – her mother, who worked in watercolor and collage. According to Diane, her mother was the main support pillar, who constantly inspired by her own example.

Between the spaces of eternity. Photoart by Diane Varner


Diane Varner studied fine arts at the University of California at Santa Barbara. However, she considers that this was not the main thing in her search for herself. The ability to notice the past that many people simply run over in their daily affairs and concerns, was given to her by days walking when she was just walking with her dog. Diane compares these walks with a daily meditation, an opportunity to be alone with herself, to feel her connection with the world.

Photos of Diane convey not just the beauty of nature – but the spirit: it is the forest, filled with scents of leaves, birdsong, rustling grass. It’s amazing how she manages to notice the transformation of nature, landscape details, the change of seasons. This chilly breeze of the morning hours in the mountains, the sea, and the cold morning dew, just about ready to fall from the first steps of the day.

It should be noted that Diane works at the junction of two fine worlds, combining the talents of photographer and artist. Diane says that her career for a long time has been associated with graphics and web design, so she has mastered the high-level image processing in Photoshop. This further helped her to really convey exactly what she wanted to show with her photographs. Ability to professionally process images is her great advantage and achievement.

Of course, any training is not easy. Many of us would like to be born, as they say, with the camera (brush / cutter / needle) in hand, to be so gifted to pass all the stages of a long journey of learning, self-learning, and error … but creativity – is the road, way of understanding themselves, and also it is a lot of work. And it’s far from just photography.

Perhaps someone might say, “Well, we do not have such nature, such species of flowers.” But, I think it’s only what the eyes see. The advice, which Dayan gives in an interview for those who can not open up and tune in to free their creative power: “I think it’s easy. Take your camera, go back to the place where you feel safe, a place that makes you happy and just start taking pictures. Do not worry, do not think about how good your photos are. The aim is to remember what it is – to be creative. Once this feeling is restored, fears and other things that block you tend to fall away.”

“Moreover, I advise to lower the technical boundaries that were formed for photographers and other creative professionals. Use all opportunities, risks! Each of us has his own exclusive way of looking at the world, and what he is, can only be found by experiment, only this ultimately allow you to develop into an original creator and find your own style.”

Diane Varner daily walks

In the publication were used creatively reinterpreted (by me) excerpts from an interviews, as well as from the official website of Diane Varner.