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Family workshop of woodcarving art

The Duboviks Family workshop of woodcarving art

Winter landscape. The Duboviks Family workshop of woodcarving art

The Duboviks Family workshop of woodcarving art
Talented artists working in the family workshop of woodcarving art create beautiful works out of wood. Noteworthy, the masters live in the Russian city of Bryansk, which is famous for its neighborhood dense forests.
Meanwhile, all members of the family – talented and devoted wood carvers. And even female half of the family (wife Tatiana and daughter Olga) also professionally engaged in wood carving.
Born in 1963 in the village of White Birch of Bryansk region, Viktor Dubovik is the head of the family. He graduated from the Bryansk Art School (1987), and worked as a senior engineer for the promotion and advertising. And two years later, in 1989 he became an artist designer, deputy director of the wood production company. However, from 1996 Viktor Dubovik has been a freelance artist and a permanent participant of art exhibitions of wood carving art in Russia and abroad.

Family workshop of woodcarving art. All members of the family are woodcarvers

All members of the family – talented woodcarvers

Nature gave him not only talent, but also a great generosity. He, unlike many other masters, does not make the secrets of his skill and generously shares his knowledge and skills with his followers, advises beginners and even leading wood carvers. Most of his works – the classic panels with a nice clean cut, with a delicate, monochrome, intricate toning. The composition is well thought out, with visible deep perspective and the subtly-designed smallest details. Carved pictures senior Dubovik in a good conservative and strict.

Viktor Dubovik’s son Evgeny is not only a worthy successor of style created by his father, but already quite independent artist with his own recognizable style. His work is easily recognizable by the sharper, contemporary lines, more avant-garde compositions and for original view of the depicted object. And Evgeny boldly works with color, changing the family innate sense of tact in color palette.

Family workshop of woodcarving art