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Jewelry sketch art

Tiffany Jewelry sketch art

Future Tiffany bracelets. Jewelry sketch art

Jewelry sketch art

First of all, any jeweler who does not know the sketch art, loses the ability to easily and freely improve the design of products. Also can’t present ideas and projects properly. With a simple pencil a jeweler can embody his ideas on paper. In particular, he can choose different options, study the details of the joints and fix locks, change the aspect ratio, and many more. In general, the purpose of the sketch – to work out future product on paper as accurately as possible, without wasting precious time on products’ rework. Besides, the sketch keeps the overall concept, develops and submits to the entire collection.
In short, working without a jewelry sketch is rather difficult. Noteworthy, the sketch gives a glamor to product, the visual idea of perfect combination of shape, color and line.

Jewelry sketch art. Thomas Charm Club

2013. Thomas Charm Club. Jewelry sketch art

Means for performing sketches can be any art materials. From work in pencil to work in gouache on dark paper. Often used in sketching mixed media, for example washing watercolor and pen and ink. Meanwhile, the most advantageous technique is watercolor washing, and it satisfies the most sketches.

Jewelry sketch art