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Miranda van Dijk hidden memories

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Miranda van Dijk hidden memories

Leaf brooch with the printed om cotton image. Miranda van Dijk hidden memories

Miranda van Dijk hidden memories
Dutch craftswoman, jeweler and artist, Miranda van Dijk (Puur Anders) is from the city of Oud Beierland, the Netherlands. She loves making up stories about the relationship between nature and humankind. Different stories from old photographs hidden in the leaves and flowers framing them. According to Miranda van Dijk, hidden memories is a nice way to keep a memory close to your heart, literally, worn as a brooch or a necklace.
First, she prints the photos on cotton from which she makes flowers and leaves. The inspiration came from the photo album of her passed away grandmother. After graduating from Artemis Styling Academy, the heart of Miranda van Dijk lies in poetic textile art, as she herself states.

Miranda van Dijk hidden memories

Creative collection of costume jewelry “Hidden memories”. Handmade by Miranda van Dijk

Meanwhile, after the death of her grandmother, Miranda van Dijk looked through the her album filled with yellowed small photos. Here, her grandmother was young, in crazy poses, making fun with friends. “I could only guess the stories behind them. I had my grandmother’s voice there! And suddenly, I realized how precious such memories are and how nice it is when you can cherish them. I am a stylist and worked at that with flower corsages. Thus appeared the idea of one of the photos, where my grandmother danced in a beautiful dress, to make a brooch in the shape of a leaf. The idea, which, in fact, turned into the collection “Hidden memories”.

The origin of the photos varies. I use old photos of my own family, as well as buy retro photos at auctions and flea markets. I am touched by a dreamy atmosphere, blur, a story bubbling in my head. There are usually people, sometimes a landscape. People liked my designs so much that they asked me to make something of their own personal photos. So I started working on commission.

Nature is always different and always rich in shape. I like to wander through the woods, then shoot shapely trees or collect special twigs and leaves. But even a simple leaf clover in the pavement in the backyard I find beautiful.

This ready-made jewelry collection – available through the online shop. Handmade, unique, and packaged in a beautiful box.

Miranda van Dijk hidden memories