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Paul Gauguin flowers

Paul Gauguin flowers. Vase with Peonies, 1884

Vase with Peonies, 1884. Paul Gauguin flowers

Paul Gauguin flowers
French painter, sculptor, ceramist, and graphic artist Paul Gauguin (June 7, 1848 – 1903), along with Cezanne and Van Gogh, was the largest representative of post-impressionism. In the early 1870s he began to paint as an amateur. And this early period of creativity is associated with impressionism. Since 1883, he became a professional artist. Unfortunately, Gauguin’s art works were not in demand during his lifetime, the artist was poor. However, fame came to the artist after his death, in 1906, when 227 of his works were exhibited in Paris.

Paul Gauguin flowers. Vase with Flowers, 1896

Vase with Flowers, 1896

Today Gauguin is the artist, who had a very great influence on contemporary art. He abandoned the traditional Western naturalism, using nature as a starting point to abstract figures and symbols. Besides, he singled out the linear patterns, striking color harmonies that impregnated his paintings with a strong sense of mystery.

Paul Gauguin flowers