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Russian artist Oleg Burdastov

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Mimosa, Oil on canvas, 2011

Mimosa, Oil on canvas, 2011. Painting by Russian artist Oleg Burdastov

Born in 1965 in St. Petersburg Russian artist Oleg Burdastov (Oleg Burda), received technical education, though has always been interested in painting. As a child he attended local art school. However, at school, in the army, or in the institute, he always found something to draw – from the wall newspapers to combat leaflets. Noteworthy, Oleg Burdastov began painting seriously at the age of 39. First, he gave up a prestigious job. Second, he opened the first art studio in 2005. In addition, he met with professional artists of St. Petersburg, who helped him with the advice. Meanwhile, critics forced him to look for new directions in art. Finally, Burdastov sold everything he could, and bought the land in the village of Leningrad region. There, he began to build the house – studio, hoping to get away from the hustle and bustle, just to be closer to nature. And only occasionally he comes to the city to participate in art exhibitions.

Mist, Oil on canvas, 2012

Mist, Oil on canvas, 2012. Painting by Oleg Burdastov

Russian artist Oleg Burdastov