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Beaded dreams by Cleopatra Cosulet

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Beaded dreams by Cleopatra Cosulet. Beadwoven hair accessory

Beadwoven hair accessory. Beaded dreams by Cleopatra Cosulet

Beaded dreams by Cleopatra Cosulet
In fact, modern jewelry art – extensive and multifaceted phenomenon, rich in nuances. And besides having all the signs of our times – creativity, rapid turnover of moods and modes, impulsivity and subtlety of ideas. Made of the most valuable materials, the most humble and unexpected, classic to the most extravagant forms. Besides, made in traditional to innovative methods – designs of modern jewelry delight us with endless creativity and sensitivity.
Meanwhile, Romanian self-taught jewelry maker Cleopatra Cosulet has created a stunning collection of beaded jewelry which she calls “beaded dreams”. According to Cleopatra, she started making jewelry and accessory quite by accident. Once, Cleopatra’s little two-year-old daughter dropped her wooden beads into the sand on the playground and was very upset cause of it. This became a stimulus for Cleopatra to make somethiong special for her daughter. Having started making jewelry she couldn’t stop.

Beadwoven bridal bouquet

Beadwoven bridal bouquet – a nonconformist alternative for a the bride who wants something different. Jewelry art by Cleopatra Cosulet

Born 10 December, Cleopatra Cosulet lives in Bucharest, Romania. Below the post there is a link to her Etsy shop Rattle Tattle Around. “Everything you will see there is made by hand, step by step, with love and dedication”, says Cleopatra.

Beaded dreams by Cleopatra Cosulet