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Sergio Bustamante surreal jewelry art

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Sergio Bustamante surreal jewelry art

Magical world of mystery and myths in Sergio Bustamante surreal jewelry art

Sergio Bustamante surreal jewelry art
Undoubtedly, Mexican artist, jeweler, and sculptor Sergio Bustamante is the most famous modern surrealist, making an interior sculpture in various techniques. In addition, the master has created a stunning collection of women’s and men’s jewelry. Called “Mexican Salvador Dali”, he creates the same magical world of mystery and myths. With the same layering of meanings, and the same bright and energy-consuming. Living in the beautiful jewelry made of silver, creations of famous Mexican artist Sergio Bustamante are worthy of the most expensive collections. Sergio Bustamante handmade creations of silver and gold exude warmth, feelings, emotions. They miraculously accommodate a joy and lyricism, philosophical reflections about the world and the banality of everyday life, the ups and downs, dreams and reality.

Mexican Salvador Dali Sergio Bustamante

Called Mexican Salvador Dali Sergio Bustamante

Mexican Salvador Dali, Sergio Bustamante is the protagonist of his decorative sunny sculpture. A country of eternal holiday and eternal summer, endless beaches and warm surf, fiery melodies and passionate declarations of love. The designer has created a collection of bronze sculptures, decorative and ceramic sculpture. Sculpture for interior by Sergio Bustamante – a set of chubby laughing suns and moons, created from papier-mache, ceramics and bronze.

born in Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico, Sergio Bustamante spent his childhood in Guadalajara. He studied architecture at the University of Guadalajara, but left it for his interest for fine arts and crafts.

Meanwhile, his first exhibition of paintings and paper mache figures took place in Mexico City in 1966. In the 1970s, he moved to Amsterdam, where he improved his skills. And on returning to Guadalajara, he founded a Workshop Studio in 1975.

Handmade jewelry by Sergio Bustamante – internationally recognized in the world of creative arts and crafts and will increase in value over the years. His works are on high demand all over the world, including Mexico, Japan, Russia, United States, and Europe.

Sergio Bustamante surreal jewelry art