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Button miniature art

Button miniature art. French Fop Fops Button Tavern Scene

French Fop Fops Button Tavern Scene. Button miniature art

Vintage buttons are so varied and interesting that many of today’s collectors increasingly prefer collecting Button miniature art. Each button has its own history and can tell you about a particular cultural epoch that began under the rule of various emperors. Archaeologists claim that the oldest should be considered buttons, found during excavations in the Indus Valley. They date back to the III millennium BC. In the Scythian tombs found clothing, jewelry buttons, Greek warriors fastened straps on armor with buttons, the patricians of Ancient Rome also used them. Disco or oval, triangular and square, pyramid and cone-shaped, spherical and hemispherical, archaeologists find antique buttons everywhere.

Button miniature art

Retro Button miniature art

However, the button does not become a necessary attribute of the ancient costume. It was appreciated only in the Middle Ages, when became in vogue suits, tailored and sewn right on the figure. The costume could not be put on, so fashion-mongers had to wait until it was ready right on their body. To expedite the process, clothes tied up with cords. Even invented intricate seam, then remembered the good old button. True, to afford such a piece of costume could not everyone, and at first the button literally screamed about the high status of the owner. Author of German chronicles in 1367 mentioned that at Goldfinch in Bohemia on the costume housed 500 or more buttons. But, perhaps, it was French king Francis I who surpassed all, setting a record when ordered to tailor to sew on his velvet dress 13600 gold buttons.

Button miniature art

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