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Ice cream in painting

Ice cream in painting. Pablo Picasso. A man in a straw hat with ice cream

A man in a straw hat with ice cream. Pablo Picasso. Ice cream in painting

Ice cream in painting
Throughout its history ice-cream inspired many artists, writers, poets and photographers. It appeared on the pages of books, paintings and photographs. This dessert as if destined to take its place in the arts to inspire artists. In some works ice cream – hidden in the picture as a barely perceptible detail chronicles, in others – has become almost the central part of the composition. Ice cream appeared in the works of Pablo Picasso – namely, in the painting “The man in a straw hat with ice cream,” painted in 1938 while relaxing on the sea in the south of France.

Kiss for Ice Cream. Henry Hintermeister

Kiss for Ice Cream. Henry Hintermeister

In very different formats, it appears in the sketches of American artists Amos Sewell, in the paintings of childhood of Bob Byerly and realistic paintings of Wim Heldens, it even became the central image of the famous painter Henry Hintermeister “Kiss for Ice Cream”.

The famous American pop art artist Wayne Thiebaud has repeatedly appealed to the topic of ice cream. It appeared on his realistic painting “Girl with ice cream cone” and became the central image in a series of paintings of geometric desserts.

Venetian painter Antonio Ermolao Paoletti was a master of chronicles and with great attention to detail portrayed the ordinary life of Italians. Among his paintings – “The Venetian ice cream seller”. By the way, it was ice cream vendors who often became heroes of paintings of many artists and photographers.

One of the most famous photo shoots with ice cream was a series of photographs by Brooklyn photographer Jonathon Kambouris inspired by the tastes of different countries. He managed to capture the aesthetic melting ice cream, which is typical for several countries – honey Greek, South African with chocolate and cinnamon, sesame Japanese and Indian with a juicy mango.

Ice cream, for all its long history has gained attention of artists and these days shows a new approach. In the variety of flavors, types and technologies it requires more unusual stories and new directions in the visual arts to be remembered in the future.

Ice cream in painting

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