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Camomile ceramic angels by Aram Hunanyan

Camomile ceramic angels by Aram Hunanyan. Angel with birds

Angel with birds. Camomile ceramic angels by Aram Hunanyan

Camomile ceramic angels by Aram Hunanyan
Armenian ceramic artist Aram Hunanyan has been working with clay for more than 20 years. He participates in numerous exhibitions, and his works are known not only in Armenia, but also in other countries.
The master has started to do his unusual daisy angels (as well as angels with other flowers) in 2011. The image of the angel appeared not at once, gradually, step by step. And now the angels made by Aram can be recognized immediately. These figures are 10 to 40 cm high, they are all distinguished by the disproportion of the head and body, but this gives them a special charm. These angels are a bit naive and thoughtful, kind and loving. Meanwhile, the angels remind me of icons, and the master has pure soul and spirit, and the space around him is harmonious – a beautiful, well-groomed workshop.

Beautiful ceramic angel

Beautiful ceramic angel

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Armenia had long problems with electricity, so many potters stopped doing their craft. And this time, Aram started drawing, but continued to work with clay. Today the master lives in Yerevan, and 10 years ago he built a comfortable workshop. There is everything: kilns for firing ceramics, a working space with a kitchen and a guest corner where he meets guests. Everyone who has visited the workshop notes a sense of peace and quiet.

Noteworthy, at the back of the figure Aram began to write short phrases from the Bible or Armenian poetry. For example, you can read such phrases: “The light never goes out,” “1 + 1 = 3”, “There is a city of love from your dreams.”

ceramic angels by Aram Hunanyan