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Chocolate Room by Elena Kliment

Chocolate Room by Elena Kliment. Chocolate cat resting on a chocolate sofa

Cat resting on a chocolate sofa. Chocolate Room by Elena Kliment

Chocolate Room by Elena Kliment
On February 13, in the interior and delicatessen center mc2, located on the 68a Krasta street, Riga, took place an event for lovers of the sweet life. For the first time in Latvian capital appeared a Chocolate room. Riga joined those few cities with the chocolate rooms built in life size. The area of the chocolate room is 20 square meters, according to the media reports. The room perfectly combines delicacies and the interior, presented as the real room with designer furniture in natural size. The author of Chocolate Room – famous Belarusian chocolate sculptor Elena Kliment. By the way, for creation she used chocolate produced in different parts of the world: Switzerland, Belgium, Brazil, and New Zealand.

Chocolate Room by Elena Kliment. Chocolate dog in the chocolate interior of the Chocolate Room by Elena Kliment

A dog in the chocolate interior

According to chocolatier, the author of the room, this is the only room in the world, which has its own smell. Meanwhile, the creation of a chocolate room is a bit like working on sculptures of ice. Working with chocolate is interesting and difficult at the same time, because strictly needed to maintain the temperature of 35-40 degrees. If the chocolate gets warmer it more quickly melts and loses its shape.

The details of the room show complexity and painstaking work, for example paintings on the walls made of chocolate. Besides, the room made in three colors that correspond to the main types of chocolate: Black (bitter), brown (milk) and white.

Before it was difficult to imagine that amount of chocolate in one place. In particular, for the creation of chocolate room Elena used 600 kg of chocolate. More than 50 different objects are made in full size: table with utensils, chairs, sofa, cat, dog, paintings, clocks, fireplace and even firewood in it.

In fact, it took two months to create this Chocolate Room. For transportation of its parts needed special transport with special temperature conditions. To see the chocolate room is possible until March 22, 2015.

Chocolate Room by Elena Kliment