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Doll artist Larisa Isayeva

Alenushka, Khokhloma stylized doll, handmade

Wearing traditional Russian folk costume Alyonushka, Khokhloma stylized, handmade. Creation by Doll artist Larisa Isayeva

Russian doll artist Larisa Isayeva (kuklaelli) lives and works Yekaterinburg. She creates dolls on different themes – fairy-tale characters, movie characters, cartoons, literary characters, dancers, puppets of different nationalities, and more. Larisa Isayeva works in mixed technique, and in particular, she combines the modeling of polymer clay and textile parts on a flexible framework, as well as sculpting articulated dolls from polymer clay. Like cartoon characters, her dolls “come alive” because they are mobile and can change poses due to wire frame. According to the doll master, it takes her to 14 days to create one doll. In addition, many of her dolls are made in Russian style, for example, Khokhloma and Gzhel. Dressed in national folk costumes, made of fine textile – velvet, brocade, leather, lace, feather, embroidered with beads, and sequins.

A prototype of the doll - Indian actress Hema Malini

A prototype of the doll – Indian actress Hema Malini

Doll artist Larisa Isayeva