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Marble Cave landscape painted by nature

Marble Cave landscapes painted by nature

Lago General Carrera. Beautiful Marble Cave landscape painted by nature

Marble Cave landscape painted by nature
On the border of Argentina and Chile, near the Chilean city of Chile Chico, is one of the deepest lakes in the world – Lago General Carrera (Chilean name) or Lago Buenos Aires (Argentine name). Both names are recognized worldwide and are official. Area of the glacial lake located in the Patagonian Andes arms, is 1,850 square kilometers and a maximum depth – 586 m. The pond became famous throughout the world for a unique Marble Cathedral (or Las Cavernas de Marmol), a maze of beautiful geological formations – Marble Cave. They are located on a limestone peninsula near the center of Lake General Carrera, on the Chilean side of it.

Beautiful geological formations, unearthly landscapes painted by nature

Geological formations, unearthly landscapes painted by nature

According to scientists’ research, unusual formations, presented in the form of numerous tunnels and columns, formed as a result of wave action over the last 6200 years. In fact, the walls of the cave labyrinth do not consist of marble and limestone. However, the range of colors of numerous caves of all shapes and sizes, penetrating the rock peninsula, dominated by bluish hues, which are very impressive displays in the turquoise water alpine lake. There is evidence that some of the cave, far from human eyes, yet are made of natural marble, but these underwater deposits have not yet managed to reach anyone.

The most famous and popular among tourists – Marble Cathedral, Marble Cave and Marble Chapel. All three are part of the grotto of the peninsula, and used to be completely covered with a mass of water. The glacier that filled the lake, eventually melted, causing the water level dropped significantly, opening the world of marble mazes.

Marble Cave unearthly landscapes painted by nature attract a huge number of tourists who want to see the unearthly art. The city tours are organized for them: small pleasure boats or kayaks to ply the Marble Cathedral, where they come under the azure vaults of spacious caves with colorful maze. There, inside the caves, visitors can admire in the vicinity the enchanting play of colors, look into one of the natural windows overlook the hidden corners of Marble Cave, which is impossible to reach for a person.

In order to explore the lake, you must wait for good weather and full of calm, then the journey will be the most safe and bring maximum pleasure. Lago General Carrera is famous not only for Marble Cave – lake water is rich in fish, including trout and salmon, so that all connoisseurs and lovers of fishing will be possible to have a great time here.

To get to the famous Chilean attractions, you first need to cover a distance of 1,300 kilometers, which lies between the capital of Chile, Santiago, and the nearest large city, Coihaique. Next, you will path on the south side length of 300 km, the ultimate goal of which will be marble caves. From the nearest town to get to the lake is best in a rented SUV, where you can explore the caves, not only, but also rich nature of South America.

Marble Cave landscape painted by nature