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Dubai Miracle Topiary art

Dubai Miracle Topiary art

A sculpture of a beautiful woman welcomes the guests to the unique Floral Park. Dubai Miracle Topiary art

Dubai Miracle Topiary art

According to Latin proverb, Nature starts, art guides, and experience improves. Indeed, this describes the art of topiary. And the unique Floral Park “Dubai Miracle Garden” is a perfect example that. Undoubtfully, it is one of the most interesting areas of landscape architecture.
However, the process of creating green or flower sculptures is a long-term, very laborious and time-consuming. The Dubai garden has a territory of 6.7 hectares. About 45 kinds of various types of flowers grow here. Most of them were specially imported to Dubai, to help the creators of Wonder Gardens to realize their projects. Designers from different countries have developed different landscape designs, and some of them are worth of the Guinness Book of Records. For example, a 10-meter pyramid of flowers, or a 800-meter high wall of plants.

Dubai Miracle Floral Park

Petunia gates. Dubai Miracle Floral Park

As seen in the photo, petunia is mainly used in the flower park. The composition supplements varieties like geraniums, Coleus, marigold and many other plants. For watering the garden used drip irrigation system. It means that they water the plants not from above, instead, they use an underground watering when the roots of flowers are initially fed through droppers. This method saves both water and electricity. By the way, for irrigation they use waste water.

Dubai Miracle Garden is unique by the fact that it appeared in a bare arid desert. The project leader Acar said that the striking bright garden is a perfect example of how to green the desert by reusing waste water.

Specialists take extra precautions to protect the beautiful garden plants from the damaging effects of the surrounding desert. For example, the perimeter of the garden lined with trees, protecting it from the wind and sand drifts.

Dubai Miracle Garden works not only in the summer months, when in the Emirates is a strong heat. The rest of the time the doors of the attractions are open to visitors.

Meanwhile, topiary has its roots in ancient Egypt and Persia. Symmetrical gardens with stone walkways, magnificent fountains, decorative bushes, yew hedges and the intricate maze of green … In Babylonian Empire topiary art inspired artists to create one of the seven greatest wonders of the ancient world – the famous hanging gardens of Babylon. But the gardeners of ancient Rome were building beautiful gardens, fenced hedges, inhabiting their outlandish creatures of boxwood. The founder of topiary art (from the Latin. Topia – fresco depicting the landscape, topiarus – gardener, from the Greek).

Landscape art is a criterion for evaluating the general well-being and cultural development of society. The tradition of gardening passed down from generation to generation, often growing into carefully guarded national treasure. Ornamental horticulture is an integral part of the history of landscape art, affecting the nature of perfection, polished by human experience.

Dubai Miracle Topiary art