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Traditional folk art Petrikovsky painting

Ducklings. Petrikovsky painting

Ducklings. Petrikovsky painting

Traditional folk art Petrikovsky painting
Elena Skitsyuk (ukr. Olena Skytsiuk) is a famous Ukrainian artist working in the genre of Petrikovsky painting. This folk art originates in a small Ukrainian village of Petrikovka. In particular, each painting consists of thousands of small strokes. Brushes used for these paintings are themselves unique, handmade of cat hair (without any damage or injury to animals). Elena Skytsiuk (born 16 January 1950) is one of the few artists who keeps this dying art alive. A member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine since 1978, she graduated from the Lvov State Institute of Decorative and Applied Arts (Department of artistic ceramics). In 1967 she took part in the exhibition, and now her work can be found in many countries around the world.

Aspiration. Petrikovsky painting

Aspiration. Petrikovsky folk art by Ukrainian painter Olena Skytsiuk

In fact, the earliest samples of Petrykovsky painting date back to the 17th century. Petrikovsky items were traditional decoration of everyday household items. In particular, chests, folk instruments, drills and sledges. Besides, especially developed decorative painting on wood, varnished painted, overglaze and underglaze-painted porcelain. Also, masters recreated technology of glass painting. And modern masters painted towels and blouses made ​​of cloth, leather purses, etc. Petrykovka also used in body art painting.
Formed as an independent easel decorative graphics, Petrikovka became widespread in art school. The distinctive features of this handicraft are the patterns, unusual technique and white background.

Noteworthy, in 2012 Ministry of Culture of Ukraine recognized Petrykovsky painting as a part of intangible cultural heritage of Ukraine. Eventually this decorative and ornamental folk art entered the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity on December 5, 2013. The renowned painting technique turned into a brand, and “Petrikovka” logo was created. The logo now belongs to the craftsmen of Petrykovka village.

Traditional folk art Petrikovsky painting. Works by Olena Skytsiuk