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Russian artist Anna Berezovskaya

Russian artist Anna Berezovskaya. Winter Cherry, 2007. Oil on canvas. Private collection

Winter Cherry, 2007. Oil on canvas. Private collection. Russian artist Anna Berezovskaya

Russian artist Anna Berezovskaya
Born in Yahroma of Moscow region, Anna has been painting since the age of five, when stayed alone at home with her fantasies and imaginary world. And her wonderful world was – knights, ladies in period costumes, fabulous cities and whimsical trees.
Meanwhile, in 2000 Anna started training in a private art studio in Abramtsevo, and there she found a teacher who helped her develop her own style. The next year, Berezovskaya entered the Abramtsevo College of Industrial Arts. After graduation, she began working with several art galleries of Moscow. Noteworthy, in 2005 Anna Berezovskaya became a member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia. In March 2006 she started participating in solo and group art exhibitions in Russia and abroad – USA, Luxemburg, Holland, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

At Mirror, 2005. Oil on canvas. Private collection

At the Mirror, 2005. Oil on canvas. Private collection. Russian artist Anna Berezovskaya

According to the artist, her paintings – a display of what she would like to see or what she has already seen somewhere. Besides, her paintings are her dreams, which are sometimes more real than reality. “Almost all self-portrait paintings, not in the sense of external similarity – they are in tune with my thoughts today. People in the pictures – visual cues. I no longer want to “talk” about eternal things rather than on fleeting episodes of our life. I am happy when people recognize themselves in my work or meet their thoughts or feelings”.

Anna Berezovskaya about herself: “Some of my paintings are moody. For example, I love the quiet cozy winter. Why knights and ladies? Everyone probably wants to feel self a queen or a king, and I believe that men can still be knights. I take my subjects from life, watching our lives and transmit my observations into their world, a very good and kind. In my world, there is nothing wrong: there is no war, no accidents or disasters. No television – I almost do not watch it to protect myself against it. I believe that we create and control our lives. People focus on disasters and accidents, and then no wonder we worry about our life”.

Russian artist Anna Berezovskaya