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Russian artist ceramist Vladimir Yudin

Night light 'House on chicken legs'. Ceramic art by Russian self-taught artist Vladimir Yudin

Night light ‘House on chicken legs’. Ceramic art by Russian self-taught artist Vladimir Yudin

Russian artist ceramist Vladimir Yudin works in his art studio under the pseudonym ‘Vladimir Lepota’ (the word means “beauty” in old Russian). First, he worked in a company of cereamists “Lepota’, then left it and started working on his own as Vladimir Lepota.
Meanwhile, he has been engaged in pottery for more than 15 years. Vladimir spent his childhood near the brick factory, so his inquisitive mind has never had the problems with the clay and how to use it. But to ceramics from the professional point of view approached only in the late 90s.

Artificial fog Tai-Shei

Artificial fog Tai-Shei. Ceramic art by self-taught artist Vladimir Yudin

According to Vladimir, he inherited the ingenuity of his father, although he learned everything himself, of course, looking at the work of other artists. But genes of the masters he got from his father, the inventor of a great number of machines and devices.

“Generator of ideas”, Vladimir loves all the fabulous and fantastic, so he tries to bring them into his work. And he has always loved to earn. Even in the Soviet Union, he remembers himself selling kilos of aquarium algae and snails from the local swamp. In addition, in the 90s, he made furniture in the garage and sold it. Then, built fireplaces and stoves, sculpted from marble angels for the monuments. He worked as a security guard, wedding photographer, advertising manager… Tight schedule and foggy salary – not for him. Now he is a freelance artist and knows exactly how to be happy. “I do what I like, so I like what I’m doing!”

By the way, his beloved wife fully supports his work, and sometimes gently suggests something from the outside. However, mainly, her policy is non-interference in the internal affairs. Vladimir has three children.

Russian artist ceramist Vladimir Yudin