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Russian artist Mikhail Petrov

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Russian artist Mikhail Petrov. Somewhere on the Street

Winter Street in the moonlight. Painting by Russian artist Mikhail Petrov

Born in 1956 in Sverdlovsk (now Yekaterinburg), Russian artist Mikhail Petrov grew up in the family of geologists.
Meanwhile, in 1960 the family moved to Ufa. According to Mikhail Petrov, he loved drawing since childhood, and attended art school. After completing his study in the Ufa Art school, he entered the School of Industrial Art, from which he successfully graduated.
A permanent participant of regional exhibitions, works by Mikhail Petrov are not only in Russia but also in private collections abroad. In particular, in the USA, France, Bulgaria, England, and Turkey. Mikhail Petrov paints in oils on canvas or cardboard. He currently lives and works in Ufa.

Above the earth

Above the earth. Oil Painting by Mikhail Petrov

Russian artist Mikhail Petrov

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