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Pastel drawings by Mikhail Vedernikov

Pastel drawings by Mikhail Vedernikov. Falco vespertinus

Falco vespertinus. Pastel drawings by Mikhail Vedernikov, Russian self-taught artist

Pastel drawings by Mikhail Vedernikov
Born May 21, 1989 in the city of Artyomovsky of Sverdlovsk region, Mikhail Vedernikov (Nemon) – Russian self-taught artist. According to his paintings, the young artist prefers to work in the animal genre, using pastels. Indeed, for all these beautiful drawings he uses pastel, pastel pencils, and Sennelier PastelCard papers. Noteworthy, his best work became a series of drawings “Red on black” of endangered birds and animals. It performed at the art exhibition in the Sverdlovsk region. Mikhail Vedernikov says: “Always knew that I am able to transmit my feelings and emotions through art, but only for more than 6 years ago realized that my tools of impression – Paper and pencil. I am self – taught, inspired by the feelings and emotions, rather than rules and stereotypes. My work – my mood, my state of mind, and my world”.


Flight. Pastel drawing by Russian self-taught artist Mikhail Vedernikov (Nemon)

Pastel drawings by Mikhail Vedernikov