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Russian painter Olga Rotko

Red roses. Russian painter Olga Rotko

Red roses. 2006. Watercolor on paper. Russian painter Olga Rotko

Russian painter Olga Rotko
Decorative, applied and graphic artist Olga Rotko (nee Bachurina) was born in 1957 in the city of Kemerovo. She combines the quality folk and professional art (still life and landscape); decorative and beautiful styles. Typically, professional artists associate their initial interest in the visual arts with drawing lessons, studio, home exercises. Olga was different. “There weren’t Art lessons at school; but I draw at home, I draw what I saw – even the tractor is in a beautiful perspective… I realized that I have some kind of feature – structurally see the shape of objects, see the beautiful in life. I didn’t mean to become an artist“. Olga suddenly started painting with great pleasure at the age of twenty-three, and, first painted the walls in the kindergarten where her son was, on the playground and in the yard. That’s when she felt the strength of subconscious desire to find creative work.

Blooming garden. Russian painter Olga Rotko

Blooming garden. 2007. Metal, oil, lacquer

Olga got a job as an artist at the Kemerovo arts and crafts factory “Spring” in December 1980. At first, she worked as an apprentice, then a developer of authoring painting, and in a few years she has become one of the leading artists of the factory. Olga took part in exhibitions and competitions, won awards, and qualifications of the master artist class.

Favorite genre of Olga Rotko – still life. The flower theme and plant motifs with decorative stylization associated with all previous experience. To study the nature, means to understand its color, its sensual living force, concentration on its culminations: flowering plants, mysterious atmospheric transformations and reserved life of their events.

Olga Rotko is a member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia. Her paintings are kept in the Russian Public Fund of Culture, the State Museum of the Revolution, the Kemerovo Regional Museum of Fine Arts, Novokuznetsk Art Museum, in private collections in Russia and abroad.

Russian painter Olga Rotko

All images are scanned from the illustrated album Olga Rothko. Decorative painting, graphics. Novokuznetsk 2007