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Green color inspiration

Green color inspiration

Morning dew. Green color inspiration

Green – a symbiosis of two colors – blue and yellow, so the psychology of the value of this color will be the same in two. On the one hand – boundless energy, and on the other – an overwhelming calm. For each man unconsciously green primarily means growth, development and harmony in nature. The same as green grass, which pleases all, after a long, cold and a rather colorless winter.


Facade. Green

The value of green is the Life itself, the nature, the harmony, that directly refer to green. In addition, this color accepted worldwide as the most safe, that’s why it is a green traffic light permits movement. For those people who have a green color as a favorite, generosity and reliability are the main distinctive qualities.

Importance and shades of that color. For example, dark green color indicates that the person likes stability. But the characteristic of pale green is relaxation and even peace. By the way, pale green helps to improve the eyesight.

The symbols of green are considered the first green shoots of wheat. In general, green in psychology is the symbol of softness and serenity, and in some cases even hypochondria.

A particular impact of green on restless people is noted– it soothes and creates a sense of harmony and trust. In practical psychology Green has been widely used – this color is recommended for interior where a man prone to neurosis and anxiety, spends more time.

Meanwhile, psychology considers people who prefer green, to be objective, since it allows them to see both sides of the coin. This possibility is used by them for a sober assessment of their chances. A specific calculation, which is always successful, is so only for the benefit of the people – they enjoy prestige among their friends, in fact, that their opinion is sometimes considered to be decisive.

Green in psychology – a symbol of growth, so people whose favorite color is green, always tuned to something new that promises them as career and personal growth. Moreover, psychology gives to green admirers – kindness, compassion and constancy.

However, green has a number of negative properties. Sometimes sedative effect on the human psyche is so strong that the person is in a “green” world, just does not want anything, since green charges him with a kind of energy from this color. Green keeps its secret, the secret of life, so in some people can be distinguished the excessive secrecy. Psychology of green can do them the same harm. In psychology, this phenomenon is used to treat people from claustrophobia, as being in a closed room, painted in the color, the inner panic of people settling down under the influence of green.

But this color is not recommended for nervous exhaustion, because it can cause a complete loss of power. Influence of green color has a different effect, it mainly depends on the percentage of yellow and blue. If the predominant is blue, the color automatically becomes colder and at the same time – tight. But the predominance of yellow light creates a harmonious atmosphere.

The green color in different religions

Green robe which sometimes portrays St. John the Evangelist – a symbol of his spiritual initiation. Green – the color of the period of the Epiphany, when there was Adoration of the Magi, and the ritual of initiation into the life of Christ (the color of worship between baptism and the Trinity).

It is the holy color of Islam, the color of the Prophet. And only committed the Hajj has the right to bind the “green bowl.” Green, being the color of vegetation and new growth in spring, represents continuity and immortality, even when using the word “evergreen”.

In addition, Green is interpreted as a symbol of fertility. At the Incas of ancient Peru, it was a symbol of maize and food in general. And superstition of Irish farmers – if to hang on the wall the green branch of a tree on the first of May – it will bring a lot of milk.

This color is a symbol of youth and hope in Catholic art. In this sense, it is used as the color of the clothes of an angel in the paintings of Confirmation. Green symbolizes also the negative aspects of youth such as immaturity, inexperience and immaturity and naivete. Negative values ​​of green in this case come from its association with no green fruit ripeness.

Truly the color of the world, born in the bosom of the primeval waters. Green represents the first stage of initiation – water. As a mixture of yellow and blue green in a mystical sense, symbolizes the connection between the natural and the supernatural.

Green – like the color of life has gained additional significance as a symbol of prosperity, wealth and stability. Not without reason, many states have chosen green as the color for the banknotes.

In ancient Egypt it was considered a symbol of decay and mold and was the color of the dying and resurrecting god Osiris.

As a symbol of hope used as a color for the cross of the Lord. Emerald also called Graal, and the throne of the Supreme Judge consists of green jasper (revelation 4: 3).

According to Chinese folk traditions, to see the “green” in a dream – for good luck. In Chinese alchemy green represents the primary principle of yin, mercury and water.

In folklore it is the color of the elves, and hence the color of disobedience and mischief. And for those who wear green clothes “little people” should give strength. According to the British, it was believed if the bride’s wedding decoration includes at least one green thing, it will bring bad luck. Similarly, in England there is a belief that any greens on stage will bring bad luck to the stage setting and the actors.

In European heraldry green – a symbol of hope, freedom, elation and health. In medieval Europe knights considered the green to be the symbol of hope, abundance, freedom and even their lives.

Green color inspiration