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Ural stone cutter Viktor Vasiliev

Ural stone cutter Viktor Vasiliev

Crocuses. 2004. Amethyst, citrine, nephrite, chalcedony, metal. Work by Ural stone cutter Viktor Vasiliev

Ural stone cutter Viktor Vasiliev
Born 10 April 1954, Viktor Vasilyev is a talented Nizhny Tagil artist-stone cutter, master of stone cutting art, who works mainly in the genre of floristics. A former geologist, head of the Vasilyev Stone-cutting Workshop. Awarded the Order of Denisov-Uralsky.
According to the master, the world of stone is familiar to him since childhood, because Nizhny Tagil and its surroundings are a real natural treasure. Participation in the work of the club “Polyus”, classes in the geological club and art studio helped Victor understand the scientific and aesthetic value of minerals. And further study in the geological technical school and at the Geological Faculty of Perm University is quite natural.
Professional miner Vasiliev worked in mines and lovingly collected minerals. To discover and show the beauty of minerals, for example, variegated jasper, it was required to master the methods of its processing, which he later applied in the decorative composition “The island of Buyan” (1995)

Ural stone cutter Viktor Vasiliev

Dandelions. 2004. Material Rock crystal, jade, aventurine, jasper, metal. Work by Ural stone cutter Viktor Vasiliev

In 1991, the “Vasiliev Workshop” appeared. The Stone Flower was the visiting card of the Workshop. Bouquets “from Vasiliev” got awards at prestigious exhibitions of various levels, including all-Russian ones. The source of stone floristry was the album about Faberge. In particular, Flowers from minerals, that struck his imagination and caused a desire to grow his stone garden.

Noteworthy, it took Vasiliev four years to create his first work “Violets” (1997). During this time, the master tested and developed a technology for making such things. After successful experience, a series of flowers in rock crystal vases with an optical effect of water filling – the “trompe l’oeil” technique appeared.

Recently, having overcome the established stereotype “Flower in a Vase”, Vasiliev began to create compositions “Flower in the natural environment”. The first step along this path was the fragile “Snowdrops” (2001). The author’s luck was the amethyst “Crocuses” (the first image in this post). Also, effective “Dandelions” (2004) in the form of translucent matte white balls, inside of which, like small light bulbs, the sun shines on the yellow citrine pistils.

In addition, the “Vasiliev Workshop” produces office items: boxes in the technique of “Russian mosaic” and with fashionable overlays, ashtrays, candlesticks, fans from malachite and rhodonite. And for interior decorations – panels in the technique of “Florentine mosaic” and labor-intensive, requiring teamwork, countertops in the technique of “Russian mosaic”.

Ural stone cutter Viktor Vasiliev

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