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Artist engraver Viktor Morozov

Birds of paradise panel. 2006. Aluminum, anodized aluminum, copper, cold enamel, oil, blackening. Artist engraver Viktor Morozov

Birds of paradise panel. 2006. Aluminum, anodized aluminum, copper, cold enamel, oil, blackening. Artist engraver Viktor Morozov

artist engraver Viktor Morozov
In the 60s and 70s of the last century art of coinage and metal engraving were incredibly fashionable. Gradually, to the public consciousness, they began to be associated with souvenirs and simple cheap crafts. Meanwhile, the works of a talented self-taught artist Viktor Morozov prove – the art of metal engraving belongs to fine art. And the artist is passionate about history and traditions. According to him, he is interested in Ancient and Medieval History of Russia and other nations, and also philosophy, religion, lifestyle, clothing, weapons, and the armor of ancient people. All this seems very beautiful and majestic. Even from an early age he felt metal – “an elastic material”.

Almond-shaped shield Wolf. Artist engraver Viktor Morozov

Almond-shaped shield Wolf. 2007. Aluminum, blackening, patina, oil. Artist engraver Viktor Morozov

Acknowledged master of contemporary art of metal engraving, Viktor Morozov was born in 1949 in the village of Rizadeyevo of Nizhny Novgorod region. From an early age he developed a passion for drawing. In childhood, he was fond of compositions with ancient warriors, vikings and knights, scenes of battles. The boy painted portraits of generals very skillfully. But as he grew older there was an irrepressible desire to learn and comprehend the history and practice of art. So, in the third grade, he accidentally found literature on the history of art in a rural school library.

By the end of high school, Viktor was already well versed in the history of Russian and Western European art. Independently, without external direction and any guidance the young artist drew sketches from nature, painted portraits of friends and family, multi-penned compositions.

Viktor Morozov has worked in relief embossing more than 40 years. In his works he revives the ancient technique of European Old Masters and metal stamping, based on multiple hand forging each millimeter of surface of the metal sheet. Works are distinguished by a unique fusion of power and the monumental images with exquisite subtlety and precision material processing. The artist has created a rich gallery of historical, mythological and folkloric themes and subjects. The main form of the master – large wall panels and decorative military shields designed for spacious interiors. Viktor Morozov is a permanent participant of regional, nation-wide (the Kremlin Armory Museum and the State Hermitage Museum), and foreign art exhibitions. Since 2011 Viktor Morozov has been a member of the Professional Union of Artists of Russia.

Morozov works are in public, corporate and private collections in Moscow, Kiev, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Kursk, Yekaterinburg and others. He is the winner of the International Competition of Arts (2011). In 2012 Morozov’s art was featured in a publication in the International catalog “New Faces in Arts”.

The artworks are made in the most time-consuming and valuable among connoisseurs of art hammered technique – toreutics. This technique allows to process sheet metal with a jeweler’s subtlety, passing the majestic scale of the work.

Master’s technique is traditionally used to decorate ancient temples, to create salary for manuscript books and church icons. They are characterized by the finest attention to detail, preserving the monumental images. Victor Morozov attained perfection in his craft. Metal obeys this master as clay or plasticine to a good sculptor, that allows to embody the most difficult artistic task. In our time, Russia has not yet seen artists, masters of metal engraving of such a high level.

Artist engraver Viktor Morozov