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Veronika Richterova plastic bottle art

Veronika Richterova plastic bottle art. Crocodile

Crocodile. Veronika Richterova plastic bottle art

Veronika Richterova plastic bottle art – Flower compositions, various plants, mushrooms in the forest, crocodiles, frogs and penguins in their natural habitat. PET bottles have long been the material for various craft projects. Artist from the Czech Republic Veronika Richterova (born 1964) has devoted herself to systematically artistic work with recycled bottles. She has been creating installation and original sculptures for 11 years, and has used thousands of bottles for hundreds of art objects since 2004. The easily malleable PET (plastic bottle) has proved to be an excellent material for fulfilling her artistic intentions. Veronika Richterova’s aim is to capture the fundamental principle of the human desire for creative recycling. And it is not in the least important whether the work in question is purely functional, or is simply a decorative object.


Bats. Plastic bottle art by Veronika Richterova

In addition to art sculptures, Veronika Richterova has created objects for interior design – light objects, chandeliers and lamps. “I use this material for developing light designs for my limited editions. Safety is ensured by using energy saving bulbs which produce minimal heat.

Veronika Richterova plastic bottle art