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Sculptor Jeweler Vladimir Voichishin

Einstein birthday. Sculptor Jeweler Vladimir Voichishin

Einstein’s birthday. Sculptor Jeweler Vladimir Voichishin

Surrealist Sculptor Jeweler Vladimir Voichishin (Vlad Voychishin) has rich creative biography. In particular, almost 10 years he has lived abroad, while his compositions have been exhibited in galleries in New York, London, and Canada. Besides, he spent some time in Africa, studying the secrets of Kenyan craftsmen working with “ebony”. Meanwhile, his sculptures are in the collections of the famous people, such as actor Hugh Grant, singer Celine Dion, and even Fidel Castro. However, some years ago Vladimir Voichishin returned to Siberia, and currently he lives and works in his studio in Belokurikha of Altai region. Noteworthy, Voichishin has created eleven large sculptures (each – more than a meter in height) made of … gold, silver and platinum, inlaid with precious stones. In total, it took him over 55 kilograms of silver and more than a kilogram of gold.

Diver Einstein. Sculptor Jeweller Vladimir Voichishin

Diver Einstein

Made of silver, a replica of the diving bell, covered with pure gold. From the front bell viewing window looks Einstein leaning bejeweled with gold-clockwise tongue. Portrait of Einstein surrounded by electrons, protons and neutrons, the audience perceived as air bubbles. In one of the side of bell window – Star of David made of gold, and in another window – the world famous theory of relativity formula for the expression of energy through the body weight and the speed of light, also made of gold. The inspiration for creating composition became the picture of Einstein with his tongue. Einstein placed in a diving bell, as he was removed from around the world and immersed in science as a diver.

Artmetronom. Geniuses and villains. Salvador Dali and Adolf Hitler. Sculptor Jeweler Vladimir Voichishin

Artmetronom. Geniuses and villains. Salvador Dali and Adolf Hitler

Geniuses and villains. Salvador Dali and Adolf Hitler. In the composition of silver scales, cups made of gold, gold pendulum and scale, encrusted with diamonds. Symbiosis of weights and metronome spawned a new device Artmetronom defining genius and villainy of two famous personalities of the last century and counts the years of their lives.

The Scientific Council of the Hermitage Museum decided to purchase the work by Sculptor Surrealist Vladimir Voichishin “Rothschild’s Violin”. For the cultural life of Russia it was an unprecedented event – the Hermitage rare purchases art works during lifetime of their authors. The decision of the Academic Council of the Hermitage was made with the direct participation of the museum director, Academician Boris Piotrovsky.

According to the master, he made Rothschild’s Violin under the influence of the same story by Chekhov. Violin – a reflection of human lives, relationships, experiences, mistakes, and understanding the philosophy of life. The protagonist, playing the violin, drowned his feelings: its sounds were his spiritual salvation. Silver violin has elements covered with pure gold, inlaid with emeralds.

Vladimir Voichishin was born in 1954. He graduated from art school, school of jewellery, Polytechnic Institute in Altai. He worked as a graphic designer, goldsmith and sculptor.
In Vancouver Vladimir Voichishin graduated from the course of modern art. “In Canada, people are smiling, and love art. I worked there on the street, and they admired my works: ¬ęCool! Perfect! … And photographed”.

For 10 years Vladimir lived and worked abroad – in Kenya, UAE, USA, Germany, England, Holland and Canada. While in New York, he worked in the workshops of jewelers. He learned from the Indians ethnic experience working with wood, and at the same time he produced about 300 sculptures from the Canadian cedar. In Kenya he watched the master work, how they know human anatomy, animals.
He has a narrow circle of friends – scientists, writers, and artists. “I do not belong to organizations, and views. And I love creative people, and my work, surrealism, not for the mass audience”.

Exhibitions of works by Vladimir Voichishin were in the Gallery of Modern Art in New Jersey (USA), a private gallery in Nairobi (Kenya), at the Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver (Canada), and others. All his works are narrative. Something can be shocking, but contemporary art without it is impossible. Classical gone into oblivion.

Sculptor Jeweler Vladimir Voichishin