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Belarusian artist Alexander Khodyukov

Painting by Belarusian artist Alexander Khodyukov

Yellow autumn. Painting by Belarusian artist Alexander Khodyukov

Born in 1966, Belarusian artist Alexander Khodyukov lives and works in his native Vitebsk. Interestingly, the artist intentionally does not give names to his paintings. “Let everyone who is interested and has a desire – give his own name, according to his vision and imagination”. The artist works in oil, acrylic, and watercolor. He does not adhere to any certain style, painting beautiful landscapes, portraits, marine species, and still life. Among his works are also surreal worlds, fantasy, and nude. Meanwhile, art lovers know and highly appreciate paintings by Belarusian artist worldwide. They are in public and private collections in Belarus, Russia and abroad.

Landscape painting. Artist Alexander Khodyukov

At the pond. Landscape painting

Autumn in paintings of the artist is truly golden. The leaves on the trees of green disguise in a variety of shades of gold and yellowish. Yellow ocher, red copper, brass, greenish, brown bronze, pale yellow and orange-yellow gold – these colors are especially reminiscent of autumn. Look at the forest, it’s really very beautiful, and perhaps, the most beautiful in this season of the year. In any case, the artist is fond of painting the autumn scenery. This topic gives him the richest variety of colors.

Belarusian artist Alexander Khodyukov