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Famous NOT artists

Sylvester Stallone. Famous NOT artists

October 27, 2013 Hollywood actor Sylvester Stallone opened an exhibition of his paintings in the Mikhailovsky Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia. Famous NOT artists

Famous NOT artists
In addition to participation in his art exhibition in the Mikhailovsky Palace in St. Petersburg, Stallone took a tour of the permanent exhibition of the Russian Museum. According to Stallone, he has been painting for over 35 years. In particular, the actor has been painting in style of impressionism and expressionism since the days of college.
His exhibition entitled “Sylvester Stallone: 35 years of painting” took place in Switzerland. Noteworthy, the cost of each of the paintings then estimated from 40 to 50 thousand dollars.
However, Sylvester Stallone is not the only actor who discovered his passion for painting. At the art exhibitions increasingly appear paintings of so-called NOT artists – politicians, actors and musicians. Among them are such famous people as Robin Williams, John Travolta, Marilyn Manson, Viktor Tsoi, and even Vladimir Putin. Demand for their art is extremely high, and experts evaluate any of their painting in huge amounts.

Famous NOT artists - Tim Burton

Sculpture by Tim Burton, one of the famous NOT artists

Hollywood master storyteller Tim Burton is unusual in everything he does. Burton’s fantasy world is so wide that sometimes just does not fit in the films, so a lot of ideas of the artist stay only in sketches on paper.

«New Orleans Series» – is the title of an exhibition of paintings of the famous American musician Bob Dylan, about the life of New Orleans in the 40-50 years of the last century. For many of his fans, this exhibition was a revelation, because few people knew from a young age, Bob showed himself as an artist.

Rock musician Viktor Tsoi received aesthetic education in childhood, loved to sculpt and paint. After the eight-year at school, he continued on his way and entered the artist College of Serov on decorating office, and after the evening finished art school and Restoration School.

Marilyn Manson began to paint long before he became famous, and now the current fame prevents perceive him as an artist. However, staying true to himself and still tending to all the devil, as a topic for his paintings he chose, of course, death, violence and mutilation.

Adolf Hitler could be a good artist to paint landscapes and still lifes, to earn his bread creating cards and stamps. But at the time Adolf Hitler was not accepted to the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts, where his paintings were not recognized remarkable, except for those which depict buildings: churches, palaces and museums.

Unlike Hitler, Winston Churchill did not give up painting and continued to draw throughout his life, creating about 500 paintings. Winston Churchill as an artist respected to this day. His paintings during his lifetime were not in sight, but now these pictures are valued high.

Over the last year, the life of a popular British singer Robbie Williams has changed. According to the words of Robert, for a few months he dedicates to drawing all the free time, and if before the singer considered the process as a simple hobby, then after evaluations made by his friends who saw his paintings, he has far-reaching plans for his work in art.

Few people know that the famous QUEEN frontman Freddie Mercury originally wanted to become a painter and graduated with honors from College of Art in London in 1969, received the degree in graphic arts and design.

Famous NOT artists