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Bordeaux Color

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Bordeaux Color

Fabulous sunset of Claret, or Bordeaux Color

Bordeaux Color
Known as Burgundy, maroon, or simply claret, Bordeaux Color – one of the profound and solemn shades of red, has become one of the favorites this season. Officially, the tone got its name in 1891 in honor of the dark red French wine from Bordeaux. Prior to this, in the Russian language this color was known as “Chermnyy.” Of the primary colors (red, blue and yellow) burgundy obtained by mixing approximately three pieces of bright red, one piece of dark blue and a few drops of yellow. The result is a warm, harmonious and very rich burgundy color.

Bordeaux, or claret color

A rare bird

In ancient times the burgundy color was the color of emperors. On the one hand, it has the power and majesty of the red, and on the other hand, it has a calm of dark blue and joyful yellow. Absorbing all the quality of primary colors, burgundy has a bright character and expresses the dignity, power, and respectability. Also, moderation, piety, generosity and, at the same time, brings a touch of the holiday. No wonder, the traditional decorations for the New Year are often in burgundy color.

Love for the color of “Bordeaux” speaks of confidence, internal stability, enterprise, love of power and good organizational skills. In excessive amounts, this color starts to “press”, becoming heavy and depressing.

To combine burgundy color is best with white, milk, beige, ivory, cream, and light gray. Also harmonious is the combination with: green, dark green, olive, color ultramarine, blue-green, blue, brown, gray, pink and many shades of red. Some courage and fine sense of taste require a combination with coral, orange, turquoise, and black.

Burgundy color or maroon color – one of the shades of red, darker and duller than scarlet. It is the color of anthocyanin compounds from red grapes in an acidic environment.

Bordeaux Color