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Italian artist Floriano Buccigrossi

Painting by Italian artist Floriano Buccigrossi

Jaguar. Painting by Italian artist Floriano Buccigrossi

Italian artist Floriano Buccigrossi was born in Palo del Colle on 14 December 1970. He is a self-taught naturalist painter. From an early age he was a true nature lover. He was especially fascinated by animals. When he was 8, his parents gave him “book of animals and plants in their natural environment”. It was his first book. He recalls that he loved watching nature documentaries, in particular “the world of Quark”, and David Attenborough’s “the living planet”. When he had a chance he tried not to miss any TV documentary about nature, plants and animals and collected photographs from any magazine or newspaper that he could get.

Painting by Italian self-taught artist naturalist Floriano Buccigrossi

Painting by Italian self-taught artist naturalist Floriano Buccigrossi

Despite his interests in biology and art, he has not achieved any degree in biological sciences or did art studies. He obtained a diploma in agriculture, degree in agricultural science (which included some disciplines closely related to biology as entomology, zoology, animal, plant cultivation and weed control.

He began to paint with oils only at the age of 27, not knowing any art technique. “I did not learn from anyone, I took a pencil and started to draw; beginning stupidly like I did on school notebooks”. In 2009 he was enrolled at the Marwell International Wildlife Art Society (UK). He managed to create a very personal style, which allowed him to take part in the “12th ANNUAL EXHIBITION MIWAS” in 2010, exposing three oil paintings.

“I equipped myself with paints, canvas and brushes and began to paint following my inspiration. I painted several landscapes. Then I dedicated myself to the naturalistic painting that always gives me a strong attraction. Currently my interest for nature and for the naturalistic art have become my reason for living”.

“Nature is amazing, incredibly beautiful and rich in its wide variety of shapes, colors and sizes. The world nature is wonderful but at the same time wild, dangerous and full of disasters. Hunting for fun, pollution, deforestation, destroying and erasing natural habitat from the surface of our planet should be stopped”.

Italian artist Floriano Buccigrossi