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Min Klementiev stone painting

Min Klementiev stone painting

Red landscape. Min Klementiev stone painting

Min Klementiev stone painting
By cutting and polishing variegated stones, such as jasper, marble, porphyry, and layered chalcedony or agate, master stone-cutters reveal the amazing world inhabited by real and fantastic images of bizarre lines and spots. Lilac winter morning and red autumn sunset, blue silhouettes of snow-capped mountains and olive expanses of the steppes. Russian artist Min Klementiev from an early age loved the beauty of a polished stone. Original compositions, images, stories were constantly before his eyes. Gradually, the idea to create a painting of the stone from the beginning to the end by himself captivated him.

Rock art by Russian artist Min Klementiev

Red autumn sunset. Colorful Rock art by Russian artist Min Klementiev

After a long search and many experiments he had found materials, with properties similar to natural stone. That’s why it became possible to create artificial stone surfaces of virtually unlimited size.

Min Fedoseevich Klementiev was born in 1929 in Buguruslan, the Urals, Russia. He graduated from art school in Sverdlovsk. He took part in the restoration of churches in Miass, Zlatoust, Chelyabinsk, Arkhangelsk, and on the New Earth. In parallel, searched and processed stones, trying to understand the patterns in the structure of malachite and jade.

In fact, collecting and processing gems became his passion. The artist experimented with plaster, cement, Florentine mosaic, and epoxy resins. Min Klementiev had studied a lot of books on chemistry, and mineralogy. In addition, he studied the natural processes affecting the creation of color and pattern of jasper, malachite and other semi-precious stones. The experiments required constant warm temperature, in the Urals, such conditions are for a short time, so in 1958 he moved to and settled in Alushta, Crimea, Russia. As a result, in the late 60’s his experiments resulted in success: the composition was found.

Klementiev created his unique paintings that received the external similarity with natural semi-precious stones called “rock art.” The artist’s work is multifaceted, it is subject to the portrait, landscape and still life. All exhibited art works by Klementiev received the highest opinion of experts and the audience. Min Klementiev died in 1987 in Alushta. The artistic heritage of M. F. Klementiev is about four hundred paintings. The collection is exclusively owned by the family of the artist.

Min Klementiev stone painting