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Nikolai Svyatitsky Photomosaic portraits

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Maya Plisetskaya. Nikolai Svyatitsky Photomosaic portraits

Soviet ballet dancer Maya Plisetskaya. assembled from 312 photos (1800 items) of the ballerina, her husband – composer Rodion Shchedrin, her partners – Nikolai Fadeyechev, Maris Liepa, her family and fans. Nikolai Svyatitsky Photomosaic portraits

Nikolai Svyatitsky Photomosaic portraits

Moscow based artist Nikolai Svyatitsky works in the technique of photomosaic creating portraits of famous people, as well as ordinary people. Noteworthy, Nikolai doesn’t use Photoshop, and his art is not a computer-created type of montage. According to the artist, “it would be too simple and uninteresting”.
He builds a mosaic of elements as a puzzle, dividing them into tiled sections, using needed photo that matches the target photo.

The artist uses different kinds of photos – from neutral (Christmas-New Year, emoticons, road signs, cars, landscapes, animals) to personal photos. They are from different periods of life, including photos of family and friends, favorite pets, logos and icons of educational institutions, cities, emblems of sports associations, etc.
For a personal mosaic, a customer should give no less than 100 pictures, and personal information describing the character traits, interests of a man, and even his zodiac sign. The result is stunning.

Maya Plisetskaya. Nikolai Svyatitsky photomosaic portrait

Portrait of Maya Plisetskaya

Nikolai Svyatitsky Photomosaic portraits

Maya Plisetskaya. Nikolai Svyatitsky photomosaic portrait

Ballerina Maya Plisetskaya

Maya Plisetskaya. Nikolai Svyatitsky photo mosaic portrait

Maya Plisetskaya

Alexander Vertinsky. Photomosaic 'Genius of sadness'

‘Genius of sadness’ Alexander Vertinsky. Collected of 109 photos (1800 items) including personal photos of his wife Lydia and daughters Marianne and Anastasia, scenic images, posters, vinyl records and envelopes

Alexander Vertinsky. Photomosaic 'Genius of sadness'

Alexander Vertinsky

Photomosaic 'Eternal Beauty'. Nefertiti and Audrey Hepburn

Nefertiti and Audrey Hepburn. ‘Eternal Beauty’. 312 photos, 2276 elements

Photomosaic 'Eternal Beauty'

‘Eternal Beauty’

Nikolai Savitsky photo mosaic portraits

Photo mosaic portraits

Photomosaic 'Hockey player Ovechkin'

NHL superstar, ‘Hockey player Ovechkin’, 256 photos (2000 items)

Photomosaic 'Hockey player Ovechkin' detail

‘Hockey player Ovechkin’ detail

Photomosaic 'Sparrow of Paris'

‘Sparrow of Paris’ Edith Piaf, made up of 541 photos (2400 items). The work includes a photo of Edith Piaf, her men with her, and movie pictures