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ValrArt watercolor portraits

Amy Winehouse. ValrArt watercolor portraits

Amy Winehouse. ValrArt watercolor portraits, Ukrainian artist Valentina Ra

ValrArt watercolor portraits
Ukrainian artist watercolorist Valentina Ra, aka ValrArt, has created a stunning gallery of watercolor portraits of iconic figures of the XX century. In particular, Marlene Dietrich, Audrey Hepburn, Liza Minnelli, Vivien Leigh, Edith Piaf, Sophia Loren. Besides, portraits of contemporary celebrities – Monica Bellucci, The Twilight Saga actors, Angelina Jolie, and Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones). Also, animalistic series of watercolors, signs of the zodiac.

Capricorn, ValrArt watercolor portraits

Capricorn, screw-horned goat’. Watercolor painting by Ukrainian artist Valentina Ra

Noteworthy, Blue wooden Sheep (Goat) comes into law hostess in February 19, 2015, marking the advent of the new moon in February, and will be with us until 07/02/16. According to belief, the symbol of 2015 – Sheep (Goat) symbolizes feminine. This animal is timid, cautious, but persistent and stubborn.

ValrArt watercolor portraits

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