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Exquisite Porcelain art by Irina Zaitceva

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Hand-built high-fire porcelain, over-glaze painting, 24k gold luster. Exquisite Porcelain art by Irina Zaitceva

Female portrait on a butterfly winged cup. Exquisite Porcelain art by Irina Zaitceva

Exhibited in St. Petersburg Hermitage, Exquisite Porcelain art by Irina Zaitceva is, without doubts, a recognized talent of the master. Her truly unique and beautiful art consists of fairy-tales and mythical illusions, celebrating Her majesty Nature.
Born in 1957 in Moscow, Irina Zaiceva graduated from Moscow Art Institute in 1982, specializing in Book Illustration. However, at the age of 33 she, with her family, emigrated to the United States.
Began experimenting with ceramic sculptures immediately after graduation, her work earned popularity through the use of unique techniques. In particular, all of her works created with the use of high-fire porcelain, and over-glaze, and under-glaze colors, as well as 18K or 24K gold luster. In addition, it is the love for the smallest details. And according to the artist herself, she begins creating sculpture without knowing how the story ends.

Anaxia Constricia Cup. Hand-built porcelain, over-glaze painting, 24k gold luster

Two sides of Anaxia Constricia Cup

Besides, she rarely draws a sketch for a piece beforehand. Because her initial goal is to create an intriguing shape. And when Irina completes the object, she then determines what the shape suggests in terms of colors, spaces, painting, and gold luster. That’s why, her creative process is always an improvisation.

According to Irina Zaitceva, porcelain clay allows her to paint in much greater detail than other clay. Then she adds paint layer upon layer followed by firing after firing. And the last applicationt is the gold luster, reminiscent of Byzantine icons. The magnificent detail of each piece keeps the viewer deeply engaged, making discovery after discovery.

Exquisite Porcelain art by Irina Zaitceva