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Exquisite Royal Crystal glass Moser

Royal Crystal glass Moser

Red and gold. Royal Crystal glass Moser

Royal Crystal glass Moser
Today, as 150 years ago, produced on its own unique formula, the exact composition of Czech glass Moser remains a strict secret. Exclusively hand-polished and engraved products and deep saturated colors, colored crystal – are the distinguishing features of the Moser brand. However, Glass masters do not just cut glass, but create real masterpieces of high artistic value. Meanwhile, Moser Glass Crystal is the best in the world for its artistic value, standard of quality, luxury and style. The beauty and extraordinary look of Royal Crystal glass Moser from the Czech Republic is undoubted. Indeed, even royal families, such as Queen Elizabeth II and the King of Spain Alfonso XIII appreciate it. In addition, the world-famous actors, in particular, Claudia Cardinale, Sophia Loren and Sylvester Stallone rated it. Besides, the articles of Moser Crystal glass ware, decorated with coats of arms and monograms of presidents and diplomats, always present at the reception of many heads of state.

Czech Glass Crystal Moser

Black set decorated with images of grapes and a bird. Czech Glass Crystal Moser

In 1857, in the city of Carlsbad (Karlovy Vary right now) in the Czech Republic opened a factory for the production of artistic glass. Its founder and constant leader for over 50 years was Ludwig Moser (1833 – 1916), whose name has become a byword for the production of a glass factory. Since 1878, the plant has been a supplier of luxury Moser glassware for the Imperial Court of Franz Joseph I, the Shah of Persia and King Edward VII.

Manufactured in traditional color scheme, all Moser products include 9 basic colors, as well as sets of dishes from unpainted crystal. Recognizable in any form, colorful Bohemian crystal Moser shades are similar to the hues of precious stones. In addition, polished gloss finish and hand decorating in precious metals. As a result, all this converts crystal into works of art.

Traditionally, crystal collection under the Moser brand produced for two different groups of consumers – women and men. Thus, men’s collections – Royal, Pope, Diplomat and Heillbrun impress with its solidity, massiveness and majesty. And women’s Collections – Crystal Lady Hamilton, Paula and Ophelia – accentuated elegance and refinement of forms. And finally, Royal Crystal glass Moser – hand blown of ecologically friendly lead-free crystal.

Royal Crystal glass Moser